About LegumeTFDB

LegumeTFDB hosted by the RIKEN Plant Science Center is a public database that provides predicted transcription factor (TF) encoding genes annotated in genome sequences of three major legume species: soybean (Glycine max), Lotus japonicus and Medicago truncatula. The current version (ver.1.0) of LegumeTFDB contains 5035 TF models of soybean, 1626 of L. japonicus and 1467 of M. truncatula, respectively. This database is the extended version of SoybeanTFDB (http://soybeantfdb.psc.riken.jp/) aimed at integrating knowledge on the legume TFs, and providing public resource for comparative genomics of TFs of legumes, non-legume plants and other organisms.

The soybean sequence data were downloaded from the US Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute, Phytozome v.4.0. The genome sequences and predicted gene annotations of L. japonicus and M. truncatula were downloaded from Kazusa DNA Research institute (http://www.kazusa.or.jp/lotus/) and IMGAG (http://www.medicago.org/genome/index_old.php), respectively. The constructors would like to thank Dr. Nevin Young for the permission to use M. truncatula genome information.


LegumeTFDB: An integrative database of Glycine max, Lotus japonicus and Medicago truncatula transcription factors
Keiichi Mochida, Takuhiro Yoshida, Tetsuya Sakurai, Kazuko Yamaguchi-Shinozaki, Kazuo Shinozaki and Lam-Son Phan Tran
Bioinformatics. 2009 Nov 17 PubMed Logo

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